Case studies & testimonials


Farnborough Hill

Ivy House Award case study – Farnborough Hill


“Ivy House has opened a world of opportunities for me – personally and professionally. I feel better equipped for life, and confident that I can make the most of it.”

Anna Dalglish, Aviva


Amy Higham

Ivy House alumni interview – Amy Higham

Commercial Manager at Marks and Spencer


Jessica Bradley

Ivy House alumni interview – Jessica Bradley

Talent Associate at RBS, Leadership and Organisation Capability


Hannah Stenton

Ivy House alumni interview – Hannah Stenton



Anil Sarda

Ivy House alumni interview – Anil Sarda

Economic Consultant, The Economist Intelligence Unit


Edmund Wilkinson

Ivy House alumni interview – Edmund Wilkinson

Project Manager Transport for London


“Ivy House challenged me to look harder at myself than I ever had. It was the best possible challenge I could have asked for!”

Tessa Inglis, Charles Stanley


Daniel Johnson

Ivy House alumni interview – Daniel Johnson

Founding Partner at


“Ivy House has revolutionised my life – I’m moving to a more hopeful life, filled with fantastic opportunities.”

Kate Humphreys, M&S


“The most inspiring, engaging and life-changing course I have been on.”

Frances Maddocks, HR Strategic Project Manager, Centrica


Hannah Smith

Ivy House alumni interview – Hannah Smith

HR Business Partner ITSU


Sebastian Brixey-Williams

Ivy House alumni interview – Sebastian Brixey-Williams

Programme Director at the registered charity BASIC


“This is probably the only experience I have ever had that kept its promise of being truly life-changing. It’s been transformational and I wouldn’t want to have missed a second of it. Thank you Ivy House.”

Lina Kehlenbeck, Sainsbury’s


“Ivy House has a very personal and human approach, which accelerates development at an alarming speed.”

Will Nash, Pocket Blockbuster


“Essential expertise that will form an invaluable part of my personal and professional life!”

Charlie Heathcote, Lloyd’s of London


Blandine Oller Perret

Ivy House alumni interview – Blandine Oller Perret

Marketing & PR Manager at BP PRIME


“I can’t articulate well enough just how differently I look at life. I still have a journey ahead, but I’m so excited to continue learning and see what will come with it.”

Hannah Smith, HR Business Partner, L’Oréal


“Life-changing, powerful learning that can put anyone on a trajectory to success in any aspect of their life.”

Brad Etcell, DLG


“It’s an absolutely unique experience that touches the very essence of who you are, moves you into the direction of where you are supposed to be, and does it with a big smile along the way.”

Michaela Fucikova, Fleetcor


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