Build a world where your strengths and passions align

Like most children, I grew up dreaming of one day becoming a professional footballer. I just simply love football. Everything about it… being part of a team, winning together, supporting one another, the name on the back of your shirt, changing room banter, the roar of the crowd on match days and the deathly sound of the ball hitting the back of the net. I never wanted to do anything else.

On finishing secondary school with poor exam results (not for a lack of trying) I was offered a place at AFC Wimbledon’s academy. I felt this was the next step in making my dream a reality. I spent three great years learning my trade and transitioning from semi-professional to professional; this was one of the proudest moments of life. I was being paid to do something I absolutely loved… I felt like I was dreaming.

But after 6 years and at the age of 22, I made the toughest decision of my life and walked away from the game that I love and stopped playing football.

I then came to a crossroads in my life. I felt if I could somehow put that same passion and drive for football into a new career I would hopefully be in a place where I am happy and learning on a daily basis.

Here, Jay talks about what happened next, and how he built a world where his strengths and passions aligned together.

Jay didn’t leave his career – and life – to chance. Find out about how our programmes we can help people find their purpose.

By Jay Kalama, Nike
6th March 2020


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