Changing futures: A story about confidence

This story shows that having the confidence to step up could change your future.

Farnborough Hill shared with us this anecdote about Bella, one of their students, who is currently taking The Ivy House Award.

Bella works in a clothes shop at the weekends and a customer approached the till for a refund. Having only been there for a month, she was about to default to the ‘hang on, I’ll get someone more experienced’ spiel, but stopped herself and thought ‘no, I have been shown how to do this, I just need to try; it doesn’t matter if I get it wrong because I’ll learn from it.’ So she explained to the customer that it might take her a few minutes, but she was happy to give it a go. They then got chatting about Bella and her aspirations (to study medicine) and it transpired that the customer is a Department Head at a big hospital. Bella took her contact details and has been in touch with her; they hope to arrange work experience for the summer, which will be a huge help to Bella’s university applications.

Bella totally credited this experience to what she has learned so far by taking the award.

The moral of the story?

You can’t predict what situation could turn out to be an opportunity.

But, we can be leaders of our own lives.

The Ivy House Award develops ownership, initiative, resilience, confidence and self-leadership for sixth formers – which impacts the confidence they have in themselves and the choices they make.

By Ivy House
7th February 2020


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