Leadership development for your talent

Right now, throughout our organisations, there are brilliant, determined and talented people who have the potential to become extraordinary leaders.

Here’s the question… how many of them will actually become extraordinary?

The fact is, if we continue to develop leaders in the way we always have, many of them will fail to fulfil their true potential, or will fulfil their potential elsewhere.

We are on a mission to change this. There is a better path – a path that enables our best talent to become the leaders they are capable of becoming and the leaders we urgently need.

Welcome to Ivy House: Turning the talent of today into the leaders of tomorrow.

Our alumni and scholarships have come from companies as brilliant and diverse as:

What we do

Extraordinary personal and professional development for emerging talent

At Ivy House we deliver life-changing development to your talent, at a time when it can make the biggest difference. They receive world-class personal and professional development, normally reserved for senior executives; giving them the knowledge and skills to become extraordinary leaders and live extraordinary lives.

For Corporates

In-House Programmes

Whether you’re looking to support your emerging leaders, graduates, apprentices or early-in-career talent, we’ll work with you to design a programme that deliver exceptional results for your organisation.

For Corporates

Open Programmes

Our award-winning open programmes bring together a group of bright, driven future leaders from across a range of corporate organisations, charities and education to build an incredible external network.

For Schools

The Ivy House Award

Bringing executive level development to students, this unique programme gives 15-18 year olds the opportunity to understand who they are, the life they want, and develop the skills to make it happen, starting now.

For Everyone

Game-changing keynotes

Our thought-provoking keynotes bring cutting edge industry knowledge to schools and organisations. We will inspire you to think differently about how best to develop your brightest emerging talent; transforming your people and results.

Elke Edwards Portrait - Ivy House London

“How many extraordinary leaders do you know? Not many? Interesting, right? So why are we still taking our brightest, bravest emerging talent down the same path we took our current leaders? It’s time for a major change.”

Founder of Ivy House

Why we exist

At Ivy House we are on a mission to put leadership and life skills at the heart of how we develop every new generation and, in turn, drive personal, organisational and societal change; to give your emerging talent and future leaders the knowledge and skills to thrive in work and life… and to stay well.

1 Leadership crisis

of WEF respondents believe there is a global leadership crisis
of senior execs have confidence in the rising leaders in their firm
of managers are perceived to be lacking leadership skills by their employees

2 Skills crisis

of employers said lack of skills was the main reason for entry-level job vacancies
of CEOs see the unavailability of key skills as the biggest threat to their business
said that new graduates were not adequately prepared for the world of work

3 Wellbeing crisis

students admit to struggling with feelings of anxiety
of university students claim to have had problems with their mental health in the last 12 months
million working days were lost due to work-related stress in 2019

Ivy House has a net promoter score of 95

About us

A team on a mission

The Ivy House team have dedicated their careers to enabling others to become extraordinary leaders and create extraordinary lives. Led by Elke Edwards – founding partner of the multi-award-winning executive development company, Blue Sky Performance Improvement – we have seen what happens when talented people with a drive to succeed are given life-changing knowledge.

We turn leadership development on its head; broadening the concept of leadership, teaching different skills and doing it earlier – at a time in a person’s life when it really can make all the difference.

Our big vision is to give this opportunity to the leaders of the future, worldwide.

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