Leadership development for emerging talent

Right now, throughout our organisations, there are brilliant, determined and talented people who have the potential to become extraordinary leaders.

Here’s the question… how many of them will actually become extraordinary?

The fact is, if we continue to develop leaders in the way we always have, many of them will fail to fulfill their true potential, or fulfill their potential elsewhere.

At Ivy House we are on a mission to change this. We believe there is a better path – a path that enables our best emerging talent to become the leaders they are capable of becoming and the leaders we urgently need.

Our alumni and scholarships have come from companies as brilliant and diverse as:

What we do

Extraordinary personal and professional development for emerging talent

At Ivy House we deliver life-changing development to your emerging talent, at a time when it can make the biggest difference. They receive world-class personal and professional development, normally reserved for senior executives; giving them the knowledge and skills to become extraordinary leaders and live extraordinary lives.

For Corporates

Ivy House Corporate Programmes

Life-changing development for your emerging talent – turning high potentials into extraordinary future leaders.

For Schools

The Ivy House Award

Bringing executive level personal and professional development, to sixth formers, at a crucial time.

For Everyone

Inspiring keynote talks

Our thought-provoking keynotes bring cutting edge industry knowledge to schools and organisations.

About us

Talent development
for future leaders

The Ivy House team have dedicated their careers to enabling others to become extraordinary leaders and create extraordinary lives. Led by Elke Edwards – founding partner of the multi-award-winning executive development company, Blue Sky Performance Improvement – we have seen what happens when talented people with a drive to succeed are given life-changing knowledge. Our big vision is to give this opportunity to the leaders of the future, worldwide.


Ivy House has a net promoter score of 95

Team Kate Lander - Ivy House London

“Ivy House brings the kind of life-changing learning that is normally only available to a handful of senior executives to talented, determined people at a time when it really can make all the difference.”

Chief Executive Officer


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Ivy House in the news

If you’ve been avoiding the news lately (because, let’s face it, it can get a bit depressing) you might have missed some great coverage of Ivy House!


Future leader challenges
need you to act now

You can’t wait for the perfect plan to develop your emerging leaders, or until the senior leaders are all engaged… you just have to start.


The Ivy House mentor experience

The Ivy House mentors play a fundamental role in the development of the next generation of leaders. Drawing upon their experience and expertise, they provide 1:1 guidance and support to our programme delegates.


The word from Aviva

Ivy House has had the extraordinary pleasure of working with Aviva to develop their emerging leaders both on The Ivy House Programme and through our in house offering.